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FLYL 2020 GIRLS PROGRAM: 7th & 8th Grade

DAYS AND DATES:                    

                            REGULAR SEASON:             MAR 30 - JUNE 14     

We anticipate the need for two 7/8 Game schedules.  All players practice together on Friday night, Games Sat and some Sundays. 

All players are encouraged to play for their school teams as well: Fox Lane Modified, RIPP, GCDS, etc.  

Everyone will make a team.


The 7th & 8th grade program will be a travel team program. We are anticipating numbers to support two teams, Black and Red team.   

The two teams will be selected based upon ability, age & attitude.  All of the girls participating will be asked to make a COMMITMENT to their team and make EVERY game and practice except for family or school conflicts. 


Black team:  Friday 6:00-7:30pm FLHS Upper Field, Sat.  11:30-1:00pm RIPP, some Sunday Turf games

Red Team:  Friday 6:00-7:30pm FLHS Upper Field,  Sat. 11:30-1:00pm FLHS OR Saturdays 2:30-4:00pm at RIPP for games.  Also some Sunday Turf games

Game schedule:          10 Games usually Saturday Mornings & Sunday FLHS turf for games &  3 tournaments


Fox Lane HS Upper Field or Turf, or Rippowam School on Clinton Rd, (off RT 22) or Bedford HILLS Town Park.

COACHES:  Marcy Riley, Meredith Abt, Alix Lamotte, Suzanne O'Callaghan, Pete Stonceipher

NOTE:  If you would like to help out or have any coaching leads pls. contact Meredith Abt  meredithabt@gmail.com

QUESTIONS:  Contact: Meredith Abt  meredithabt@gmail.com


Full equipment is MANDATORY: Girls lacrosse stick, girls protective eyewear and mouthguard, no exceptions.


If your uniform fits from last year, you are all set, as we are using the same uniforms!

If you need a bigger size or you are new this season:  During registration process you will order your uniform (Jersey & Skirt/Skort) online.

Please note, the uniform is not included in your tuition price and will be an additional cost. 

We cannot guarantee jersey numbers. 

For uniform questions, please contact Suzanne O'Callaghan at

You can apply for financial aid pls. contact : lylfinance@gmail.com

REGISTRATION:  You must register online.  Our website processes Electronic registration with secure credit card payment.

NOTE: ALL FLYL players must be members of US Lacrosse in order to complete registration. You can become a member, or renew your membership at: https://www.uslacrosse.org