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The US Lacrosse Insurance Program has been developed by the US

Lacrosse Insurance/Risk Management Committee and Bollinger

Insurance to establish high quality insurance standards for the sport

and to provide protection to all registered members of US Lacrosse

during the term of their membership. Insurance is provided on an

individual basis to each member Coach, Referee/Umpire, Youth,

High School and Adult Player, while participating in amateur lacrosse


All policies are underwritten by Markel Insurance Company, rated “A”

Excellent by A.M. Best’s.

A secondary goal of the program is to promote risk management and

loss control in order to increase safety awareness among US

Lacrosse members.

Please visit www.uslacrosse.org for more details on the US

Lacrosse Insurance Plan or for risk management information. To

learn about additional optional insurance plans for your team or

league, please visit www.BollingerLax.com.


These policies provide liability coverage for claims arising out of

Bodily Injury or Property Damage, which occur during a covered

lacrosse activity. The policies provide protection for:

ï‚· Participant Legal Liability

ï‚· Spectator Liability

ï‚· Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability

ï‚· Liability for Products/Completed Operations

ï‚· Personal and Advertising Injury Liability

ï‚· Damage to Premises Rented to You

ï‚· Medical Payments (to non-participants)

 Covered Activities

Under the liability policies US Lacrosse members are covered while

participating in sponsored or supervised amateur lacrosse activities,

including scheduled games, supervised practices, and fundraising

activities. For additional details, please go to www.uslacrosse.com.


Per Occurrence Limit $2,000,000

General Policy Aggregate (Per Location) $6,000,000

Products/Completed Operations Aggregate $3,000,000

Sexual Abuse Liability (Per Occurrence) $2,000,000

Sexual Abuse Liability Aggregate $3,000,000

Damage to Premises Rented By You $ 300,000

Medical Payments (to non-participants $ 5,000

Deductible $ 0


In addition to the standard exclusions found under the Commercial

General Liability policy (such as Pollution, Asbestos, Nuclear

Energy), this policy excludes coverage for Fireworks, Sexually

Transmitted Disease and Trampolines; and, with regard to Indoor

Lacrosse, the policy excludes coverage for any Box Lacrosse, or

for leagues who permit boarding or cross-checking.

The Liability Policy also specifically excludes coverage for

coaches, parents or volunteers while using any automobile or

motor vehicle to transport team members or volunteers. Therefore,

Bollinger and US Lacrosse strongly advise teams who are

transporting players to make certain that the vehicle and drivers

are properly licensed and adequately insured.


The Basic Accident policy provides coverage for registered

members of US Lacrosse for accidental injuries that occur during

or directly result from participation in amateur lacrosse activities.

 Covered Activities

Covered activities under the Accident Policies include organized,

sponsored or supervised amateur lacrosse activities, such as

scheduled games, supervised practices, and fundraising activities.

Group travel as a team or as a group of officials, directly to and

from scheduled activities, is also covered for members.


Accident Medical Expense Benefit $100,000

Accidental Death & Dismemberment $20,000

(Including Cardiac/Circulatory Accidental Death)

Dental Limit $10,000

Deductible per claim:

Youth, High School & Adult Women Players $ 500

Coaches & Umpires/Officials $500

Adult Men Players $2,500

Policy Benefit Period 2 years

Full Excess Coverage

Officials/Umpires Game Fee Reimbursement:

If an active US Lacrosse Member Referee or Umpire suffers an

accidental injury while officiating a lacrosse activity which prevents

him/her from performing scheduled officiating duties, a Game Fee

Reimbursement Benefit is provided. It covers:

ï‚· Up to $200 per scheduled game missed

ï‚· $7,500 Maximum per claim

ï‚· 7 Day Elimination Period (deductible)

ï‚· 26 Week Benefit Period


This policy pays the  reasonable and customary charges for a

covered injury. The first expense must be incurred within 60 days of

the date of injury. Any further expenses must be incurred within the

two-year benefit period to be eligible for coverage.

 Accident deductible: The policy has a “corridor deductible”. This

means that the deductible is payable by the claimant regardless of

any payments made by other insurance.

The policy is written on a  Full Excess Basis. It will pay for covered

expenses that are not recoverable from any other insurance policy,

health care plan or employee benefit plan. Please note that you

must follow your primary insurance carrier’s eligibility criteria (to be

treated in-network, if required by HMO, etc.) in order for this policy to

cover your expenses. If no other coverage is available, this policy

will pay the claim on a primary basis,  after the deductible has been



The policy does not cover any loss, fatal or non-fatal, incurred or

resulting from the following: Sickness or any Bodily Illness; Suicide;

Infections (except infections caused by a covered injury); Dental

treatment (except as a result of injury to sound, natural teeth);

Replacement of eyeglasses or eye examinations unless the injury

causes impairment of sight; Injury covered by Worker’s

Compensation or similar; Hernia of any kind; Intoxication of the

insured or being under the influence of any narcotic unless

prescribed by a doctor.


The Catastrophic Accident Plan provides coverage for claims

incurred by US Lacrosse members injured during covered lacrosse

events. This policy coordinates with the Basic Accident Plan, to

cover claims which exceed $100,000 (within the 2 year benefit

period) and/or which are catastrophic in nature.


Catastrophic Accident Medical Benefit $1,000,000

Benefit Period 10 years

Catastrophic Cash Benefit (for coma or paralysis) $ 250,000

Deductible (Integrated w/ Base Accident Plan) $ 100,000

Deductible Incurral Period 2 years

Full Excess Coverage

To File an Accident Claim

All claims must be filed within 90 days of the date of injury.

Bollinger will handle and process all accident claims from our Short

Hills, NJ office. For claim forms and instructions on how to file a

claim, please go to www.BollingerLax.com and click on “Claims

Info.” Accident Claim Forms and instructions can be printed from

the site. Bollinger’s toll free claims # is 866-267-0093



Bollinger provides additional insurance plans to US Lacrosse

member teams, leagues and chapters, including:

ï‚· Directors & Officers Liability

ï‚· Equipment Insurance

ï‚· Crime Insurance

ï‚· Sports Travel Shield for International Travel

ï‚· Travel Accident and Sickness Insurance

ï‚· Cyber Liability

In addition, you may also purchase insurance to cover your events

if you are sponsoring:

ï‚· Lacrosse Tournaments

ï‚· Lacrosse Camps

ï‚· Lacrosse Clinics

Please go to www.BollingerLax.com for additional information and

applications. Most products are available for purchase on-line.

This brochure provides a summary of available insurance coverages

provided through the US Lacrosse program. The brochure is not an

insurance policy, nor does it change any coverages provided. These

policies are purchased by US Lacrosse for the benefit of its

members. Complete copies of the insurance policies are available

for review at US Lacrosse's National Office in Baltimore, MD.

Provided exclusively for members of:

Program administered by:

101 JFK Parkway

Short Hills, NJ 07078

Lacrosse Hotline: 800.350.8005 press “5”

Lacrosse Claims: 866.267.0093


Web: www.BollingerInsurance.com