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The 6th grade program is designed to continue to build on the fundamentals of the game while offering the opportunity for girls to experience travel lacrosse and play against youth teams from neighboring towns. Team members are expected to make the commitment of 2 weekly practices and a game day each week.  Games will be scheduled during practice/game times on a best-efforts basis.  We also hope to participate in one or two tournaments. Coaches will hold high expectations as they continue to build skills, field sense and competitiveness in their players. The number of teams will depend upon the number of girls that register.

SEASON: April through June 4th

PRACTICES: Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00 – 7:30pm & Saturdays, 10-11:30am (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

GAMES: 8/10 games and 1 tournament (ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

LOCATION: Rippowam Cisqua School

COACHES: Emily Grand, Chris Spadafino, Jordana Upton

EQUIPMENTGirls’ Lacrosse stick, girls’ protective eyewear, and mouthguard are all required

Eye Guards - Protective eyewear use is required in girls' lacrosse and must meet the current ASTM standard, F3077-17.  (There must be marking on both the packaging and product that states that the eyewear conforms to ASTM standard F3077.)
Sticks - We have found having the appropriate stick is essential in the development of our young players. We strongly recommend all players purchase and play with a stick that has current technology, with a ready to play optimal pocket for quick release and easy catching capabilities. 

Mouth-guards - Approved mouthguards are required for all games and practices.

Goalie Chest Protectors - Effective 1/1/21, all goalie chest protectors must be designed for lacrosse and meet the NOCSAE performance standard, ND200.  (FLYL will have one chest protector per team equipment bag, but if your daughter has ambition to play goalie, we do recommend that you purchase one specifically for your daughter).

Uniforms - are required for girls' 3rd grade through 8th grade.  We have new uniforms this year. All players must purchase a jersey and shorts through the website.   



REGISTRATIONwww.foxlaneyouthlacrosse.com.  The FLYL website processes electronic registration with secure credit card payment. 

NOTE: ALL FLYL players need to be members of USA Lacrosse in order to complete the registration process. USA Lacrosse is the national governing body of lacrosse. It sets rules of play, offers coaches training, certifies our referees, explores best practices always with player development and safety as its primary focus and fosters a love of lacrosse and supports its growth.

You can become a member, renew your membership or learn more about the game of lacrosse at https://www.usalacrosse.com

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