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COVID Protocols for the 2021 FLYL Season

Participants are required to follow these protocols in order to participate in FLYL, including the following:

·       Must complete and submit the Health Screen Questionnaire with a “NO” answer to all questions prior to attending each practice/game:

o   NOTE: Participants, players, instructors and coaches must answer all of these questions and sign the questionnaire prior to attending each practice/game.

·       Participants must check in with the instructor/coach for attendance prior to the start of each practice/game.

·       Mask must be worn during arrival and departure. Mask must be kept on when social distancing of at least 6 feet cannot be maintained.  Mask requirements during play may change depending on NYS and CDC guidelines.

·       Personal items (including, but not limited to, water bottles, equipment, etc.) may not be shared among participants. Please make sure to label all personal items, including water bottles.

·       Equipment bags/backpacks/purses must be placed at least 6 feet apart and players/participants are not allowed to touch the belongings of others.

·       Participants may not embrace, high five, or huddle without social distancing with one another.

·       Proper social distancing guidelines must be followed in the parking lot and as one enters and leaves the field.

·       Submit waivers provided during registration.

·       Stay at home if you do not feel well.

·       Do not attend program if you do not feel comfortable.

·       Do not touch any of the equipment unless especially designated for you.


Parents/guardians of participants are required to follow the following protocol in order to send their child to participate:

  • Must complete and submit the Health Screen Questionnaire with a “NO” answer to all questions prior to attending each practice/game
  • Check your child’s temperature prior to arriving at practice/games.  Only allow your child at practice if they do NOT have a fever.
  • Do not send your child to the practice/game if they answered yes to any of the Health Screening questions
  • Parents/guardians are limited to 1 spectator per child.
  • Do not send food with your children to the fields
  • Notify flyl.misc@gmail.com immediately if your child becomes sick.
  • Practice social distancing at all times. Face covering is required at all times.
  • Ensure your child understands the protocols laid out in this document.
  • Sanitize your child’s belongings (i.e. equipment) before and after program

Additional Protocols:

·       Coaches will wear masks.

·       Coaches will give verbal instructions and will not touch players’ equipment

·       Please abide by all NY state travel guidelines with respect to COVID. (link below)


·       If your child has been exposed to COVID and is quarantined, they are not eligible to participate in FLYL until they are out of quarantine.

We all recognize there is a risk to contract COVID-19, if you are not comfortable with this risk (for whatever reason) – please, you should not register.