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Program Statement


The Fox Lane Youth Lacrosse program for boys K-8 is designed to teach the fundamentals skills of lacrosse and to support the long-term athletic development of youth athletes in a team environment.  Along with emphasizing individual growth and improved knowledge of team concepts, the program seeks to instill good sportsmanship in its youth athletes as well as a universal respect and love for the game of lacrosse. 


  • VOLUNTEERS: If anyone is interested in coaching or helping out with boys lacrosse, please contact Stacey Hicks by email




EARLY BIRD $25 discount: Nov. 15-Dec. 15

NOTE $25 discount for siblings!


K - $160 (stick included for each registered participant!)


1st - $235 (stick included for each registered participant!)


NEW THIS YEAR 2nd-8th for boys will require uniform:  (Cost of uniform is not included as some players may have sibling hand-me-downs etc., ALL UNIFORM ORDERING HAPPENS AT REGISTRATION.)

No uniforms needed for boys K/1 pinnie only which is included.


2nd = $175 ($65 uniform separate, order if you need during registration)

3rd - 6th = $325 ($65 uniform separate, order if you need during registration)

7th - 8th = $275 ($65 uniform separate, order if you need during registration)


As of Dec. 16 - Jan 14, 2019 prices increase $25


K = $185  (stick included for each registered participant!)

1 = $260  (stick included for each registered participant!)


2nd $200  ($65 uniform separate, order if you need during registration)

3-6  $350  ($65 uniform separate, order if you need during registration)

7/8  $300  ($65 uniform separate, order if you need during registration)



Please note, $25 of your registration fee will be a donation to Tony Ciccone. Tony is a Fox Lane alumni who was injured in a FL lacrosse game in 2001.  Our Laxin4Tony fundraising event will be held on MAY 11th & 12th.  More details to follow.  Please visit the website to learn more and how to get involved!  www.laxin4tony.org 


FLYL 2019 tuition includes preseason clinics (weather permitting), in-season practices, games and jamborees. All FLYL members must be members of US Lacrosse; tuition does not include US Lacrosse membership which you must sign up for independently.  You will be prompted to do so during the online registration process.


Please note:


Boys Uniforms for grades 2-8 are included in tuition.  


K-1 will receive pinnies and a NEW STRING KINGSTICK included in the price of tuition, no other uniform is needed.  FULL EQUIPMENT is necessary.


Questions about the BOYS program, please contact Tim Hall at

Or Jeff Nathan @  

Questions about BOYS uniforms Grades 2-8, please contact Suzanne O'Callaghan at  

Questions about the registration process, please contact Stacey Hicks at




Register on-line by going to the HOME page or by clicking HERE.


Financial Assistance: Fox Lane Youth Lacrosse is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to benefiting the youth of the Bedford Central School District and surrounding communities. We do not want financial capability to be in any way an inhibitor to children being able to participate in the program. We recognize that the cost of registration and that the purchase price of lacrosse equipment is significant. If these costs are a burden, FLYL is prepared to provide assistance. Should you want more information on such assistance please contact FLYL Treasurer, Alex Kaltsas at  for more information. All such inquiries will be held in strict confidence.


REFUND POLICY: FLYL will issue full refunds for Spring 2019 prior to February 15, minus a $25 processing fee, in the case of injury or other unusual circumstances. There will be no refunds for schedule conflicts with other sports nor for changes in a desire to participate after this date.




K: Miles Cameron, Schuyler Perry

1st: Jeff Nathan, Dan Ryan, JT Gilbert

2nd: Jeremy Randol, Peter Hallock

3rd: Gardner Lamotte, Greg Gaynor, John New

4th: Tim Hall, Don Eleck

5th: Kelly Grayson, Kris Konrad, and Jay Jackson

6th: Bob Baker, Gabe Gillian, and Jim Magidson

7th & 8th: Chris Schreiber and Bill Canavan  


NOTE: ALL FLYL players need to be members of US Lacrosse in order to complete the registration process. US Lacrosse is the national governing body of lacrosse. It sets rules of play, offers coaches training, certifies our referees, explores best practices always with player development and safety as its primary focus and fosters a love of lacrosse and supports its growth.


You can become a member, renew your membership or find more information about youth lacrosse at the link below.